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Performance solutions powered by people.

The premier Front Desk Upselling specialist for the hospitality industry for more than 30 years, TSA Solutions delivers proven performance solutions that help over 800 hotel partners worldwide capture more than $200 million USD in incremental revenue annually with an average 2% increase in RevPAR.

Our unique combination of education, measurement and performance management tools has been proven to create a more satisfying guest experience as well as higher profits while maintaining our partners’ price integrity.

We are proud that our commitment to building long term relationships is validated by the 85% of hotels who choose to maintain their partnerships with us year after year.

We are proud to call these leading hotel companies our partners:

Our Approach

High Tech

Through our proprietary myTSA Connect platform, which leverages our partners’ existing technology, we provide our partners a range of tools to forecast, plan and measure upselling success at the property, regional and estate level.  And as the leader in Upselling only TSA is able to provide automated city-wide Benchmarking in many markets we operate in.

Watch the Videos below to see some of the tools first hand.

“TSA has a strong training plan for upselling, with innovative techniques to convince customers of the benefits and advantages of enhanced room types. We also benefit from the strong upsell reporting system and tools that show the ongoing performance of our staff.”

Alfio Bernardini, General Manager at Symphony Style Hotel, Kuwait

Tsa Upselling Dashboards

People Dashboard
Daily Dashboard
Executive Dashboard

High Touch

The hotel business is at heart a people business. No matter how sophisticated our technology, the interaction between your front line teams and guests will always be the biggest factor in achieving sustainable success. Our philosophy is that people and service come first.

Our blended learning programs inspire your teams with confidence and a passion to drive revenue. Using a combination of classroom training, 1-1 coaching and our myTSA Knowledge e-learning platform, we equip your management and front line team members to identify and create new opportunities to increase your bottom line.

High Integrity

You spend a lot of time making sure your property achieves price integrity. We don’t pretend to know about your pricing better than you do. And we don’t believe discounting is the foundation to upselling.

Our approach is to align with your hotel’s pricing strategy, not undermine it.

High Commitment

TSA Solutions revenue-shares with most of our hotel partners and in many cases our earning potential is capped to protect your investment. That way, we share a common vested interest in your success, and in helping you to reach peak performance. If you don’t succeed, we don’t succeed.

Your dedicated TSA consultant stays engaged for the duration of the partnership - both on-site and remotely - to ensure continued success.

We become your revenue improvement partner, coaching and empowering your team to achieve long-term results that we help you monitor and analyze for maximized ongoing success.

"We work with a variety of management companies, many of whom partner with TSA. TSA has always delivered results which provide a great ROI and justify the use of external resources.” Richard Riley,Former Chief Executive Officer at Abu Dhabi National Hotels

Our Proven Programs

Front Desk Upselling


1In-Depth Assessment

Our Front Desk Upselling program starts with an obligation-free, in-depth assessment of your current business environment and processes. The assessment completion will determine your potential Return on Investment, enabling our team to propose the most appropriate Front Desk upselling solution for your hotel. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Our Proven Programs


2On-site program implementation and training

After an appropriate model is identified and agreed to by all parties, our training consultants, supported by our Partner Services team take the lead, working directly with your team to implement the details of the program. This includes measurement, auditing, pricing, culture and support structures to sustain results and, of course, to train and coach the program participants.



3Consistent follow-up to maximize your ROI

To maximize the return on your investment, we provide consistent, structured follow-up and monthly program performance reviews that dramatically increases retention of the information, as well as the on-the-job application of skills that have been learned. Our myTSA Connect platform provides a deep insight into the ongoing performance of the Front Desk Upselling program and allows for joint forecasting, measurement and action planning throughout the duration of the partnership.


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Reservation Salesreservation

Maximize conversion rates from sales-oriented reservations teams

In today’s hyper-competitive, hyper-connected hotel market, most travelers know the price before they call. While online bookings are important, your in-house reservation team is often your largest and most important booking channel, influencing up to 70% of your reservations. Shouldn’t you take control of these conversations?

Our proven reservation sales program helps your team to perfect their sales skills, convert shoppers to bookers, and upsell the guest to the room product most suited to their needs. In fact, many of our hotel partners have significantly increased revenues from their reservation teams with conversion rates improvement of 50% or more.

Reservation Sales

Our Solution:

Through our TSA Reservation Sales program your reservations team become an extension of your sales team, making them much more than just order takers, while maximizing incremental revenue opportunities during every call. As with all TSA programs, we ensure sustainability of the new skills through ongoing mentoring and coaching throughout the duration of our partnership.

Our Reservation Sales Program provides:

  • Strong and effective voice call handling skills
  • Increased conversion of shoppers to bookers
  • Strong and effective skills to sell room types and rates according to availability
  • Increased revenue through hotel direct channels
  • Improved guest experience and satisfaction
  • Ongoing coaching of teams

Combine Front Desk Upselling + Reservation Sales for Superior Performance

Many of our partners have found that combining the TSA Front Desk Upselling and Reservation Sales Programs enables them to maximize their revenue potential even further, while taking advantage of efficiencies achieved through simultaneous deployment of a dedicated TSA Performance Consultant for both programs.

Restaurant & Bar Suggestive Salesr&b


Increase your average check and guest capture rates from food & beverage operations

Increasing capture rates and average check is a key performance driver of any successful restaurant and bar. How do you ensure that your teams are achieving the right balance between maximizing revenues and guest satisfaction, while faced with the stress of day-to-day operational demands?

Most front line team members are unable to identify and convert appropriate suggestive sales opportunities in a way that enhances a guest’s service experience. Even those team members that may currently be selling through suggestions are unlikely to be using the most efficient and effective approach.

Our Solution:Our Restaurant & Bar Suggestive Sales program has been designed to specifically support restaurants and bars to maximize revenue opportunities. Working with your Executives, Management and front line teams, results are achieved through better category and product mix, average check increase, improved yield management and profitability growth. The program is proven to increase top line revenue immediately, while increasing customer satisfaction and team motivation.

Our Restaurant & Bar Suggestive Sales Program provides:

  • Revenue potential analysis for each of your restaurant and bar outlets
  • Programs tailored to your unique product and services
  • An effective revenue and profitability strategy designed for each outlet
  • All team members aligned, skilled and enabled for successful suggestive selling
  • Increased outlet revenue and profitability
  • Improved customer experience and satisfaction

Essential Selling Skillsselling

Equip your Sales team to face increasingly sophisticated buyers and competition

Today’s buyers have more power to negotiate the best deals than ever before:

  • Increased pricing transparency
  • Access to detailed performance data at hotel and market level
  • Growing supply in many markets is shifting the pendulum of power into the hands of the buyers.

Are you providing them with the right skills to close the right sale at the right price and right time? TSA Solutions can help.


Our Solution:

Designed to equip both on the road and in-house sales teams with the essential selling skills they need to be as effective as possible in an increasingly dynamic marketplace. Each program draws on our deep experience of the industry and proven sales skills that will have your team delivering superior performance results.

Through these programs – ranging from the most essential selling skills to strategy and action planning – your sales team will be fully equipped to confidently face the most difficult sales situations.

Each program has been designed to comprehensively deal with the course content and can be run as a single module, combined or as a development cycle for your sales organization. Our highly skilled Performance Consultants who facilitate the program will position the content according to the knowledge and expertise of your team and the conditions facing their sales environment.

Measurement, linked to support your current systems, coaching and development are integral elements of all of our programs, ensuring that we provide the solutions your business needs that maximize and sustain incremental performance through skilled and motivated teams.

Our Essential Sales programs provides:

  • A  confident sales team which is fully rounded in their ability to sell your hotel and support your financial success
  • Consistent application of key sales skills across your entire team
  • Application of sales strategy in line with your organizations overall business goals, while applying revenue management practices in day-to-day sales activities

Maximizing Meeting & Event Sales

Your Meetings & Events teams gain the confidence to sign the right deal, right now

With the highest revenue contribution per deal, long lead times and with increasingly smaller margins, your meeting and events team has to get every contract right, every time. Negotiate the wrong terms and a hotel’s chance to recuperate from lost opportunities is very small.

At the same time, more and more companies employ professional purchasing resources, who are masters in negotiation and measured on the discounts they are able to achieve. Additional complexity is added as most meeting and events negotiations do not take place face-to-face.

Strong and effective selling skills, understanding needs and wants, presenting features and benefits, and negotiating to achieve win-win outcomes are all critical skills needed to close the right deal for the right space and achieve the right revenue.

Our Solution:

TSA’s Maximizing Meeting & Event Sales will ensure that your meetings and events team is equipped with all the necessary skills to maximize the myriad revenue opportunities across their department.

Our Maximizing Meeting & Event Sales program provides:

  • Improved selling skills, suggestive selling, negotiating skills and the ability to close the right deal, every time
  • Incremental revenue performance, integrated with your revenue management strategy throughout the entire customer journey – from booking to departure
  • Increased customer experience and satisfaction throughout the negotiation process

A company by hoteliers,
for hoteliers

At TSA Solutions, our people are our most important asset. Over the past three decades, we have built an exceptional team, comprised of some of the most experienced and knowledgeable professionals in the hospitality industry.

Our globally-based consultants support more than 13 languages, have extensive international hotel experience, with a proven track record and successful careers in senior leadership positions. We maintain rigorous accreditation standards and a continuous assessment program for our teams in order to ensure the highest level of quality support for our hotel partners.

This vast level of hotel industry experience and in-depth market knowledge, and our efficient, easy-to-use technology solutions combine to ensure we have what it takes to help you to achieve long-term, measurable revenue improvements and exceptional results.


Making our mark, one community at a time

At TSA, we work to maintain our position as the partner of choice when delivering state-of-the-art solutions to improve performance and increase profits in the hospitality industry - both locally and internationally.

Our mission is to continuously have a positive impact on our partners and team members in these areas while making a positive impact in the communities we serve.

Our passion sees TSA involved in numerous CSR activities around the world, through active hands on involvement and financial support. In doing so we help people and communities develop real skills and capabilities to help maximise their potential and in other cases helping communities to get back on their feet after adversity.

    “TSA is recognized as one of the leaders for what they do, and deservedly so, because simply put, the ROI is there. TSA is continually offering strategy and tactics for upselling and revenue maximization, constantly looking at ways to drive that additional revenue, while delivering absolute value to the guest.”

    Patrick Wimble, Director, Commercial Performance, AMEA,
    InterContinental Hotels Group

    “I always believed we were doing well, running and administering our own in-house up-selling programme until I decided to engage TSA. Double digit increases month-on-month speak for themselves, we literally left money on the table. Their strategic approach and a highly focused team helped our own team to drive revenues where we would otherwise not have seen opportunities. We simply could not have done the same ourselves”

    Wolfgang Krueger, Executive Vice President,
    Shangri-La International Hotel Management Limited

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We are proud to call these leading hotel companies our partners: